Travel Essentials

Today, I thought I’d compile a list of travel essentials that one should have prior to travelling to a 3rd world country for an extended period of time, especially ones where there is a risk of things like dengue fever. This is for people who enjoy adventures. Here’s my list in no particular order, except […]

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A Travel Bucket List

I’ve always dreamed to visit every country and territory in the world. So far, I’ve only visited a few. The list  as of now is as follows (in order of size from smallest to largest by area): Puerto Rico (USA) Slovakia Czech Republic Austria Hungary Guatemala Germany Bolivia Peru United States of America Next Up: […]

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Dear Readers, Welcome to my blog. I’m writing  my first post today as I  embark on  several new adventures.   I thought it would be good to write a bit about myself, since this is  the first post.  Here are the answers to 20 random  questions I found today on the internet:  1. Where would your […]

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Top 50 Films of all Time…

Today I thought I’d share  what I think are some of the best cinematic works. As someone in   the film industry, I have a slightly different take on film than most people outside of the industry, and a critical eye for quality.  I not only look for quality in cinematography but quality in  terms of […]

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