The Debate

Recently, I was thinking about this debate: “Which way should toilet paper hang, over or under?” I’m for toilet paper hanging under, but obviously many people would disagree with my position. Here are some funny memes pictures and other misc. ideas  about it: Hope you enjoyed these images from the internet.  What’s your view?

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Who? A Few Questions

A prompt generator asked me these questions, so I thought I’d answer here today. 1. Who is the most creative person you know? My sister. 2. Who in your life is the worst at using technology? My grandma. 3. Who in your life has the best luck? My friend Nick. 4. Who has zero filter […]

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Prompt: Why do we have time or follow time in the world, can’t we just live without a watch or clock anymore? Each culture has a different perception of time. Some people view it is a circular where time past, present and future is happening all at once. Others see it as a line. Some […]

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Would you want the ability to hear the thoughts of people near you if you couldn’t turn the ability off? I think that it would maddening to hear everybody’s thoughts 24-7. However, if they didn’t know you knew how to read their minds, it would be useful in certain situations…. However I’d rather have the […]

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